Duct Systems Stainless Steel

ProTechCon stainless steel duct system covers a wide range of ducts, bends, valves, transition pieces, jet caps etc.

The duct system can be used for all extraction purposes for transport of particles and air, and includes all the components needed for a complete extraction solution.

All dimensions stated are internal.

The duct system is manufactured in stainless steel EN 1.4301 (AISI 304) in thicknesses of 0.70 - 1.00 mm.

Leaks in a duct system mean loss of capacity and undesirable noise. The duct system is manufactured with minor tolerances to ensure tight joints. Use of pull rings ensures that the duct line fulfils tightness class C, the best tightness class within industrial extraction.

Joint sealing compound or rubber flanges (EPDM) are recommended for flange assemblies to ensure tight joints. Correct assembly with sealing compound or rubber flanges will result in assemblies which fulfil the requirements for tightness class C in accordance with DS447.

The duct system is particularly well suited for the stricter requirements on cleaning the duct system, and for installation with the special requirements for explosion prevention in accordance with EU directive 94/9 EC of 23 March 1994 (ATEX).

Quality assurance
JKF’s quality assurance system is certified according to DS/ISO9001 (DS/EN29001).

Lasergeschweisste laengsgefalzte Rohrleitungssysteme Edelstahl
Laser welded and longitudinally lock formed duct system, stainless steel.


Schieber und Drosselklappen Edelstahl
Sliding dampers and throttle valves, stainless steel.

Assembly methods, stainless steel

Assembly methods
The high, uniform quality of the duct system along with efficient assembly and sealing ensures quick and easy assembly with the ability to perform subsequent modifications.

The components for the stainless steel duct system are made for a range of different assembly methods, which are also suitable for other systems.

Pull rings or flat iron flanges are used for assembly, regardless of duct dimension, requirements for strength, tightness, noise and ease of assembly.

Assembly method must be stated when placing order. Assembly methods are stated under the illustrations.

Item numbers for pull ring assembly products are stated in this catalogue [f.b].

For pull rings [f.b]
Mit losen Flanschen montiert
With loose flange fitted [f.b.m.fl]
Smooth [gl]
breite Spannringe
For wide pull rings [f.bb]
For hoses [f.sl]