RMM21 Magnetic broom

 Magnetic sweeper/Broom 

Magnetic broom is used for collecting of ferromagnetic subjects and smaller ferromagnetic particles like nails, wires, screws and bolts etc. 
The magnetic broom RMM21 series, made with permanent magnets, ensures automatic collections of small ferrous components, present on the ground.
Thanks to the door flap, you can clean the magnetic broom from the ferrous parties easely and quick.

Magnetic Broom RMM21


The cleaning of the magnetic sweeper is very easy, by pulling up the flap the collecting surface of magnetic sweeper will be demagnetized and all metal objects collected will fall of.

Advantages of our magnetic sweeper:

  • High durability
  • Easy to operate
  • No energy consumption
  • Outdoor application
  • Can be produced in various widths