Movable dust filters

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Type JK-12 TS. Dimensions stated in mm.
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Type JK-20 TS and JK-22 TS.

Movable dust filters from 0.75 kW to 4 kW are ideal for small extraction tasks, e.g. from one or two machines.

The filter medium is polyester.

All filters are fitted with removable refuse sacks with self-tightening snap-lock fittings for rapid replacement.

Movable dust filters can be connected to pipes or Vena-Pur flexible hoses.

Type JK-12 TS with a 0.75 kW motor produces 700 m3/h at a pressure of 70 mmVS.

Type JK-20 TS with a 1.1 kW motor produces 1,800 m3/h at a pressure of 120 mmVS.

Type JK-22 TS with a 2.2 kW motor produces 2,500 m3/h at a pressure of 160 mmVS.

Type JK-25 TSD with a 4.0 kW motor produces 3,500 m3/h at a pressure of 190 mmVS.

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