Point filter type PKF

The compressed air-cleaned point filter is a miniature bag filter for mounting direct on transport machines (horizontally or vertically).

Dust separated in the filter is fed back into the material flow to avoid mixing different materials. The point filter has a simple and functional design, making mounting on transport pipes and cup elevators very simple.

Filter bag replacement can be easily executed from the big inspection hatch.

The point filter is manufactured from 2 mm galvanized sheet or in stainless steel and is supplied in 2 versions:

1. With doors for horizontal mounting
2. With doors for vertical mounting

Filter control: 220 V, 50 Hz, 2 W
Fan: 3×380 V, 50 Hz, 1.1 kW
Vertical: Inclined bottom

Compressed air:
5 bar, min. 350 Nl/min.
Air quality according to ISO 8573-1: Quality class (5. 4. 4)
External connection: ¼” internal thread.

Cleaning system:
The filter bags are automatically cleaned by means of compressed air through an electronic control with adjustable pulse- and break time. Sealing class IP 65.

Point filter type PKF tabelle 01
Recommended settings of control of compressed air.
Punktfilter Typ PKF Skizze 02
Fan type N 602
Punktfilter Typ PKF Skizze 01
Point filter type PKF tabelle 02