Cast-iron rotary valves type JK-T

Gussschleuse Typ JK T Skizze 01
Dimensional specifications are given in the table below.
Gussschleuse Typ JK T Skizze 02
Dimensional specifications are given in the table below.

Type JK-T cast-iron rotary valves are designed for material emptying under difficult physical conditions. The rotary valves remain sealed up to a pressure of 500 mmVS and can work in temperatures right up to 250°C if equipped with special bearings.

Housing and its end plates are cast-iron, whilst the robust rotor is steel.
The rotor is also available in stainless steel.

The JK-T rotary valve is supplied as standard with nylon or vulkolan rotor blades depending on requirement.

Rotary valves are supplied painted as standard. They are also available with chrome plating on the internal surfaces of the housing and covers. This version is ideal for separation of abrasive materials.

Alternatively, the rotary valve range can be fitted with an 8 chamber rotor to achieve better integrity. In this version, they are sealed right up to 4000 mmVS.

JK-T rotary valves are available in a range of different configurations.

Cast iron rotary valve type JK T tabelle