Frenic-Multi is an All-Round inverter which is also very suitable for the lift technology. The many possibilities, which the Frenic-Multi offers gives the inverter the name, the universal inverter. The Frenic-Multi inverter offers the highest standards of control and performance in its class. Furthermore the Frenic-Multi offers shortened setting time in slip compensation control. Speed control accuracy at low speed is improved by "slip-compensation control" and "voltage tuning".

Frenic-Multi is available from 0.1 kW to 15kW

  • 3 Phase 200V 0.1 kW to 15 kW
  • 3 Phase 400V 0.4 kW to 15 kW
  • 1 Phase 200V 0.1 kW to 2.2 kW

The Frenic Multi complies with networks using option cards such as:

  • DeviceNet
  • Profibus-DP
  • CC-Link

With this new inverter Fuji Electric shows that they are one of the leading manufacturers of frequency inverters in the world.


Catalogue FRENIC Multi

Manuals FRENIC Multi

Manuals FRENIC Multi