Product description

Magnetic GRIDSTAR of high magnetic intensity

Usually they are assembled in a conical charging hopper with circular or in a pipes. 

For cleaning is advisable using air compressed.Hopper magnet of classic star construction is used for separation of ferromagnetic particles contained in plastic regranulates and regrinds. Thanks to using our hopper magnet your moulding machines will be protected (the hopper magnet prevents entering of metal particles into the helical mechanism). The separator is to be placed into the classic cone inject moulding machine hoppers. The separator is fitted with the strongest neodymium (NdFeB) magnets, which are able to catch even the finest metal microparticles. Another advantage is that the particles catched are not pulled down with the stream of the material (which happens when separotrs are fitted with weaker black ferrite magnets). 

Magentic Grid Star  

GMS Magnetic GRIDSTAR Dimension drawings


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