GMC Magnetic grate in housing

Product description

Magnetic grade in housing is designed for separation of ferromagnetic particles from plastic granulates, regranulates and regrinds. Inside the separator stainless steel housing there are  magnetic grid placed underneath each other and fitted with very strong neodymium NdFeB magnets.  The separation is  more effective  than by using just single magnetic grid. Special layout of magnetic grids forms a fall-throug labyrint to ensure the maximal efficiency of separation.  

Magetgrill GMC20 20                                    Magnetgrill GMC40 40ND G
Magnetic grade-GMC20-20                                                                                             Magnetic-grate in-housing-GMC40-40ND-G

Magentic Grate Dimensions:

GMC Magentic grate in housing


  • Optional: EX ATEX-Standards Compliance-requirements

The most common applications of the magnetic grid boxed:

  • underneath the hopper under colouring device of inject moulding machine (plastic processing applications)
  • in the pipeline of Cyclones for plastic milling and shredding machines (plastic recycling pplications)

According to customer requirements we are able to adujst the dimensions to specific applications.