Magnetic drum separator in housing CT1-CTK-F100-CTW

Product description

Magnetic drum in the housing

-Heavy duty Design-

For harsh environmental conditions

The magnetic drums, as mentioned above, are installed in the housing and provided on the two outlets in the lower part. The separated material is discharged through the rear outlet and the product material through the front outlet. The magnetic drums can be produced in any lengths or diameters according to customer requirements.

The magnetic drum removes all ferromagnetic metal contaminants from well and moderately well flowing bulk materials.

Magnetic grading machines of series CT1-CTK-F100-CTW are used for deferrization of large volumes of granular products assuring very good results with an easy installation and operation.
Structure completely closed made up of AISI 304 stainless steel, complete with connecting flanges for the feeding and unloading the product and inspection hatches.
The engine is mounted outside the structure and imparts rotation to the magnetic drum.


Magnetic drum separator in housing CT1 60 120

CT1 Magnettrommel im Gehaeuse CT1 Magentic drum in housing

Magnetic drum in housing CT40-CT60

CT40 CT6 Magnetic drum in housing

Magnetic drum in housing CTK-Standard:

CTK Standard

Magentic double drum in housing CTK2:

Magneticdrum in housing CTK2 60 120 ND F

Magentic drum in housing CTK-40-110:

Magnetic drum in housing CTK40 110


CTK F100 Magnetic drum in housing


  1.  aim of deferrization
  2.  weight and sizes of the pieces to draw out
  3.  capacity kg/h, bulk density kg/dm³
  4.  tension and frequency

Built-in applications:

  • On dropping trough chain conveyors 
  • Attachment to the conveyor belt discharge
  • In loading device, etc.