Magnetic Plate Separator TMQ-TMA-TMR

Product description

The TMR rectangular magnetic plate separator, TMA angular and TMQ square ones are widely used to deferize
ferrous paticle-polluted middlings, flours, powders ect.

They represent the most suitable devices being not fed which can be assembled with ease.

Inline magnetic plate separators are designed for separation from material with bad pouring properties (non free-flowing, bridging), where separator with magnetic grates could clog. Inline magnetic plate separator can also be used for applications where bigger parts (wood chips) are conveyed in pipeline system.

Magnetic plate separator TMQ Serie       Special Neodym magnetic plate separator easy clean Funktion TMQ     TMQ Magnetic plate separator drawing Easy Clean Application
TMQ-Magnetic-Plate-Separator                                                                   Special TMQ- Neodym-Magnet Separator with esay clean function (contruction only with Neodym magnets)

Magnetic separator can be simply and easily cleaned thanks to advanced cleaning system. The whole magnet plates can be opened which enables direct access to the interior of magnetic separator.
Thanks to additional tilting stainless steel plates by our special TMQ magnetic pipe separator the cleaning of metallic parts is a matter of a few seconds.  Inline magnet is standardly fitted with strong anisotropic ferrite magnets. The special TMQ-pipe application is only fitted with very strong neodymium NdFeB magnets.

Magnetic plate separator TMA Serie   TMR Magnetic plate separator    Special Magnetic plate separator sloped version           Special magnetic trap door

TMA Magnetic Plate Separator                              TMR Magentic Plate Separator                          Special-Magnetic-plate separator (sloped version)                    Specialmagnetic trap door  


  • made up of stainless steel;
  • magnetic core supporting hinged hatches provided with fast snapping;
  • cores made up of permanent ferrite magnets (made up of neodymium, upon request)
  • provided with counterflanges to be welded to the existing pipes;
  • special manufactures, upon request.

Standard connection:

  • Flange
  • Jacob- pipe adapter

Special connections on request

The size can be modified according to technical specifications or requirements of the customer. Production of specific non-standard diameters specified by the customer is also possible.