Permanent magnetic overband separator - automatic cleaning - SM-Serial-AC

Product description

The permanent magnetic overbelt  separator with automatic cleaning is used in plants with high occurrence of ferromagnetic particles, where overbelt magnetic separator with manual cleaning could not be used due to quick filling with ferromagnetic parts, which have to be removed with an automated system. Overbelt magnetic separator with automatic cleaning can be suspended over the belt convey transversally or longitudinally above the conveyor belt discharge.

Permanent Magnetbandscheider SM Serie

The trapped ferromagnetic waste is moved to the sides of belt conveyor where it can be collected into containers. Another possibility is that the iron waste can be delivered to the more distant areas using one or more conveyor belts. Overbelt magnetic separators are mounted at a fixed working distance from the conveyor belt however this distance could be changed with screwed bars. The sizes of overbelt magnetic separator can be modified according to technical specification and requirements of the customer. The suitable model of overbelt magnetic separator for your application will be suggested by our technical experts after receiving all required data.

Our overbelt magnetic separators remove interfering iron impurities such as screws, wires, nuts, various broken iron parts of machines (shredders, crushers, mining equipment, etc.).

They separate automatically ferrous pieces mixed with non-magnetic materials (foundry ground, coal, lignite, clinker, garbage, fertilizers, etc.) that are moved by a conveyor belt, by a vibrant feeder, by slides and so on.

They avoid making changes in the existent installation.

  Technical data:

  • Magnetic fields produced by permanent magnets Ferrite-series SMC- SMR and SMB  Neodymium magnets in series SMH and SMCH
  • Weight and small size
  • Versatility of installation
  • Minimum maintenance
  • Fast change of the rubber belt
  • Electro motor or hydraulic motor
  • compliance with ATEX requirements
Permanent Magnetic over belt separator Neodym SMCH Serie     

Permanent-magnetic over belt separator Neodym-SMCH-Type

Permanent Magnetbandabscheider Ferrit SMR Serie Kopie