FPL Electro magnetic pressure Filter

FPL Electro magnetic pressure Filter

The pressure type electromagnetic filters FPL are used for the de-ironizing of enamels and liquid products from the ceramic industry etc. and are installed on the outlet of the pumps, with the inlet of the inferior hose fitting and magnetic valve avoiding therefore, in the case of failure of electrical energy, the pollution of material already treated.

The FGL filters run on direct current on a very low tension from the relative control panel.

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FPL Electro magnetic pressure filter dimesion sheet


  • Stainless steel structure with a capacity pressure of 10 bar (at request up to a 20 bar);
  • All parts that are in contact whit the product are made in stainless steel AISI 304;
  • Inlet material on the inferior part;
  • Cover is removable to the extraction of the casing filter;
  • Casing filter made with stainless steel grids AISI 430 electro-welded types MS or ML (MS for density up to 1.65Kg/dm³ and ML for density over 1.65Kg/dm³);
  • Winding in class H dipped in resins;
  • Supply tension 55/110V DC;
  • Protection grade IP66
  • Standard paint RAL 5012.


  • hanging metallic box in steel;
  • Painted in the colour RAL 7032;
  • Protection grade IP54;
  • Power supply standard 220-380V 50-60Hz
  • Monofase or bifase