JK-PS solid separator

Type JK-PS separators are designed to separate solids from carrier air in over- or under-pressure systems.

The separator design ensures low pressure loss and unpressurised material separation, making it possible to install the separator directly connected to other equipment, such as compressors and containers.

They are able to separate particles greater than 3 mm, but the max. size is governed by the dimensions of the rotor chamber.

Rotor blades are fitted with vulkolan rubber blades to ensure a seal between rotor and rotor housing.

Operating temperature max. +60°C and min. -10°C

Rotor RPM = 18 min-1
The capacities stated are valves from tests with mixed cardboard, paper and corrugated cardboard weighing 40 kg/m3.

Separator Typ JK PS
Separator type JK PS
Separator Typ JK PS Skizze