Explosion duct valve

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The explosion duct valve is used in order to prevent that an explosion
in the plant will be channelled back to the production premises and
machines. The explosion duct valve is mounted on the duct section
between the plant and the source of dust. The explosion duct valve
stops explosions that occur in the opposite direction of the normal
flow. This means that the explosion duct valve is mounted on the inlet
side on the dust separator, never on the outlet side. The dust separator
covers filters, silos and industrial exhausters which are already protected
with explosion relief or explosion suppression system.

The explosion duct valve is made of carbon steel DIN 1,0036.

Supplied with and without position switch. Furthermore, the valve is powder coated to corrosion class C3 cf. ISO 12944 (Colour: RAL 3020).
Tested and approved:

  • Dust explosion class St. 1 and St. 2
  • ATEX-EC-certificate FTZU 04 ATEX 0051X and quality assurance no. FTZU 02 ATEX Q 022
  • Protection systems in accordance with amendment no. 3 Directive 94/9/EF
  • EN 15089 – Explosion insulation systems Quality assurance of protection systems in accordance with Directive 94/9/EF
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Explosionsklappe 01
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