Dust bucket

The dust bucket is suitable for all Blower, EC and DustStorm filters with the exception of DS-7.

The dust bucket is mobile and ergonomic correctly designed. The handle can be locked in 2 positions. When the handle is locked in the upper position, the tank can easily be moved. When the handle is locked in the lower position, the tank is easily turned upside down for emptying.

Mounting of the bag can easily and quickly be carried out and without any risk that the bag subsequently will be lifted due to false air or vacuum inside the filter.

Available with or without manual sliding damper in galvanised version.

The sliding damper is available with optional extras with an opening of ø300 mm. Without the sliding damper the opening is ø400 mm. A level gauge can be assembled as optional extras on both the solutions.

Max. volume pos. 517 mm 65 litre
Volume for level switch pos. 294 mm *37 litre
*) The volume and the level of the material can be higher, because the dust can accumulate a top whereas the level switch only detects when it comes into contact with the material.

Net weight 26 kg
Gross weight max. 226 kg

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