Combination valve

Kombinationsklappe Skizze 01
Dimensional specifications are given in the table.
Kombinationsklappe Skizze 02

Combination valve helps reduce extraction plant energy consumption. The valve is fitted after the filter clean air discharge. Return air from the filter can either be fed back to the production area or outdoors via the combination valve.

NB! Not all countries permit direct return of all extracted air to production areas.

The heavy duty design of the valve ensures stable operation even for the largest air flows. The valve flaps are specially-reinforced for precise and stable operation. The valves are fitted with 2 x 1000 mm diameter 45° bars and bird netting. A special type is available to cover a range from 30,000 to 60,000 m3/h.

ø1000 mm flange connector is standard. Transition sleeves or adapters are required for other pipe dimensions.

Combination valve tabelle