FRENIC Converter VG



The high-performance FRENIC-VG series of vector control1 invertors achieves the industry’s highest level of control performance.

Calls are growing for improved productivity of equipment that uses invertors, such as machinery at production plants and factories, and conveyor cranes at seaports. Accordingly, invertors that feature high performance and multi-functionality are increasingly in demand. In response, Fuji Electric Systems is releasing the FRENIC-VG series of inverters that feature a speed response of 600 hertz, six times the level of the company’s previous models. The series achieves the high precision and detailed control required by production plants and equipment to control response speed during vector control, thereby further raising production efficiency. Fuji Electric Systems is offering a wide range of models in the high-performance FRENIC-VG series of vector control*

*invertors to contribute to improving the productivity of customers’ production facilities and equipment.


Features of the series

  1. Enhanced control performance
    • Improved speed response of 600Hz
    • Improved torque control accuracy of ±3%
    • Speed control accuracy of ±0.005% (when using a dedicated PG induction motor)
  2. Numerous optional cards available
    • A lineup of optional cards for various interfaces including the E-SX high-speed synchronized communications card, PG interface card, and safety card
  3. Conformity with safety standards
    • Conforms with ISO 13849-1 safety standards for EN terminals of inverters
    • Conforms with IEC 61508 SIL2 safety standards for optional cards
  4. Equipped with servo functions※2 including controls and pulse-line orientation※3 for internal APC
  5. A total of 40 models are available for a wide variety of applications
    • 16 three-phase 200V models ranging from 0.75kW to 90kW
    • 24 three-phase 400V models ranging from 3.7kW to 630kW


The FRENIC-VG series can be used in the following applications that require high-precision and detailed control:

  • Various kinds of production equipment used in steel and iron processing lines, which require speed and torque to be applied safely from extremely low speeds to high speeds
  • Transport equipment such as large cranes and loading-and-unloading conveyor systems, which require shifting from standstill to high torque
  • General manufacturing equipment such as press machines and automobile testing devices, which require responsiveness at high speeds

Dimensions of representative models

Common three-phase 200V and 400V models: Dimensions:
7.5kW 205mm wide × 300mm tall × 245mm deep
30kW 326.2mm wide × 550mm tall × 261.3mm deep


Additional components, option-cards and accessories

The use of additional components and options are often required to realise a suitable solution for demanding applications and extended technical outline conditions. The following supplements are available for the various Fuji Electric inverter series:*

*Accessories and option-cards depend on the inverter series. More information can be found in the catalogues - see Downloads.

Additional components

EMC accessories

  • EMC compliance filter (EFL / RF): To comply with the EMC product standard EN61800-3 for speed modifiable electrical drives, EMC compliance filters are available as substructure and external devices.
  • AC reactors (ACRE): For reducing low frequency current harmonics. Protects input bridges with simultaneous power converter operation.
  • DC reactors (DCRE): For reducing low frequency current harmonics. Increases service life of DC link capacitors.
  • Motor reactors: To adapt long motor cables to the inverter. To reduce voltage increase speeds.
  • Sinus output filter (OFLE): Reduction of leak currents and electromagnetic interferences. Similar conditions as with mains operation.


Comprehensive options are available, particularly for the FRN-G11S series, for example motor feedback and fieldbus interfaces (for Profibus-DP, Interbus-S, CAN open, Device Net, Modbus Plus)


  • Braking units: Braking chopper and external brake resistor
  • Loader Software: Windows-supported operating and programming software
  • Installation kit for protection class IP-20
  • Extension cable for keypad


Catalogue FRENIC Umrichter VG

Manuals FRENIC Umrichter VG