FRENIC RHC-Regenerating Unit

FRENIC RHC-Regenerating Unit

RHC series high power-factor power regenerative PWM converter

Fuji Electric is striving to develop and is promoting the widespread adoption of eco-products, which boost energy efficiency and help to alleviate the environ- mental burden of society as a whole. Taking advantage of innovative technologies, we provide high-performance PWM Converter which actively contributes to the protection of the global environment by returning a part of consumed energy.


Possible to reduce the capacity of electric power facilities

RHC advantages

Harmonic wave elimination (THD ≤ 5%) Improvement power factor ≈1 and/or ≈-1 Feedback of regenerative energy into the network Saving of braking resistors (DBR) Compensation of voltage drop to motor by means of higher direct current link voltage (640-710VDC) Wide power range