Based on our experience and customer's needs, we have integrated our advanced designs and industry-leading technologies to develop Frenic Mini. The Frenic-Mini features a full range of functions, compact body, simple operation, wide model variations, and global compatibility. It meets the needs for higher performance in machines and equipment such as conveyors, fans, pumps, centrifugal separators and food processing machines, as well as needs for system integration, energy saving, labor saving and total cost reduction

The Frenic-Mini offers:

  • High starting torque of 150% and more at 5 Hz
  • Internal PID regulator to control flow and pressure in fans and pumps
  • Miniaturization to minimum level in the class
  • Line-up to 4.0kW/400V (constant torque)
  • Simplified torque vector control
  • Easy programming
  • Series communication


Catalogue FRENIC Mini

Manuals FRENIC Mini

Manuals FRENIC Mini